Business Services

Let us help secure your organization’s Data, Network and Users.

It’s 2016, the future is now.

Identity Access Management and Multi-Factor Authentication – MFA and IAM are the buzzwords for 2016. Let’s sit down and learn what they have to offer.

Malware Inspection and Network Safeguard – During the past year alone there was the creation of 300,000,000+ new malware threats. Let Huzzey Technologies clear your environment with the top industry tools and protect against future threats with a security strategy that keeps this persistent threat at bay.

Encrypt Everything – Our Encrypt Everything initiative focuses on the encryption of data, both in transit and at rest. Using the latest PKI and encryption techniques your data can be protected and insured.

Data Backup Strategy – Businesses accumulate a massive amount of data, both customer and self originated. Loosing a hard drive could mean losing customer information or valuable business materials. Let us help you develop a strategy to utilize local or cloud storage and keep data safe and replicated. We will evaluate the current backup model and if necessary integrate a new solution.